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Interview Tips

  • Preparation is what you need - good preparation is essential, not only because you will come across better in interviews, but also because it's the best remedy by far for nerves.
  • Remind yourself - of what you are offering the potential employer. Re-acquaint yourself with the fine details of your skills, qualifications and experience. 
  • Self-assessment - reassess your current skills, talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses and interests. In addition, re-examine accomplishments and achievements, particularly those that may be particularly relevant.
  • Update your CV - remove all irrelevant information. Use functional headings to help focus the reader on what is most relevant to the advertised job. Be absolutely certain it is error-free.
  • Prepare possible answers to questions that may be asked - demonstrate your competence, experience, knowledge and abilities. Make a list of all your past significant achievements and expand on the ones you have highlighted in your CV.

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