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Strategic Plan 2014-2016

To view the Strategic Plan 2014-2016, please click here.  

To deliver on the stated vision and mission we are concentrating on five priority areas, with corresponding strategic objectives.

1. Patient and Family Centred Care

Provide quality and safe care in a suitable environment, with an emphasis on access, choice, communication, cultural diversity, patient participation and timeliness.

2. Resources

Focus on ensuring that we have appropriate and sustainable human, physical, financial and natural resources to allow us to deliver on our strategic ambitions.

3. Performance

Design an organisation wide framework to deliver the highest standards of quality, safety and value for money, in line with national and international best practice standards.

4. Leadership

Build strong management and governance structures to support the delivery of safe, innovative and responsive models of care, in association with our strategic partners.

5. Research and Education

Demonstrate national and international leadership in clinical, translational and health systems research, which we reflect in all aspects of the way we plan and deliver care.

To view previous Strategic Plan Objectives: Strategic Plan 2011-2013


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