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Birth Notification & Registration

The birth notification staff will visit you shortly after the birth of your baby in the hospital, to complete a ‘Notification of Birth’ form for your baby’s birth registration. You can get the birth certificate two weeks later from your local Civil Registration Office.

If you meet the birth notification staff member they will give you an information leaflet on:

  • how to get a birth certificate;
  • the contact details of your local Civil Registration Office
  • how to claim ‘child benefit’.

If you have any questions or concerns about registering your baby please discuss them with the birth notification clerk during their visit. If you have not met a member of the birth notification team before you leave hospital, they will phone you at home. The ward staff will also give you a yellow card that contains the phone number (01 817 1726) and times to call the birth notification office.

Further information can be found on the General Register Office website

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