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Your Healthcare Records

When you make an appointment with The Rotunda Hospital we will create a healthcare record for you. 

  • This record will be both on paper and on the computer
  • When we make your appointment we will put your details on the computer system
  • At each visit we will check that your contact details are still the same such as your address, GP, phone number and next of kin
  • This is very important as we must have up to date information about you at all times
  • Each time you meet with the doctor, midwife or other healthcare staff they will record information in your healthcare record
  • Test results and copies of any letters are also kept in the healthcare record
  • You will get a new healthcare record on every pregnancy

If you are attending as a gynaecology patient we will use the one gynaecology healthcare record unless there is more than a 2 year interval between visits to the hospital. 

Can I take my record home?

Some pregnant women may take their healthcare record home. 

However, if you have been admitted to hospital during your pregnancy or you are attending one of the specialist clinics your healthcare record must stay in the hospital. 

Hospital staff may need to review the information in the healthcare record between visits.

If you are allowed to take your record home, you must inform the administrative staff so that they can record that you have taken it with you. 

You must remember to bring the record with you for every hospital appointment and bring it with you when you come to hospital to have your baby. After birth, your healthcare record must remain in the hospital.

The actual healthcare record belongs to the hospital but the information in it belongs to you. If you want a copy of your healthcare record we will give it to you. 

Accessing your own records

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