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Patient Rights


The Rotunda treats the information you share with us as confidential and we understand that you have given it to us for the purpose of providing you with care and treatment.

  • We respect your right to privacy and we handle the information you have given to us in line with the obligations of the Data Protection Acts. 
  • We will only share this information with other healthcare staff who need to know this information. 
  • This includes your GP and public health nurse. 
  • We also share some information with the General Register Office so that you can register your baby’s birth.

Open Disclosure

We all know that things can go wrong and accidents happen in hospitals but it is important that we try to reduce these as much as possible. Open disclosure means that the Rotunda has an open, consistent approach to communicating with service users when things go wrong in healthcare. This includes expressing regret for what has happened, keeping the service user informed, providing feedback on investigations and the steps taken to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

Consent to treatment

It is the philosophy of the Rotunda to allow patients to make decisions about their care by giving them all the information they need. 

Before a doctor or other healthcare professional examines or treats you, they need your consent

Consent is about you and the healthcare staff agreeing together on the best way forward for your treatment, based on you telling them your preferences and values and the healthcare staff’s clinical knowledge.

  • Sometimes you can simply tell them whether you agree with their suggestions. 
  • You can give consent verbally or implied, such as holding out your arm for bloods to be taken. 
  • Sometimes we need a written record of your decision, for example if your treatment involves sedation or general anaesthesia. 
  • We will then ask you to sign a consent form. 
  • If you later change your mind, you can withdraw or take back your consent, even after signing the form, anytime up until you are having your procedure.

As a general rule, we cannot give you an operation, procedure or treatment without your consent, as long as you are deemed to be a competent adult - that you can understand the proposed treatment. 

By law we have to give you all of the information you need and get your consent for an operation, procedure or treatment and it is also an accepted part of good medical practice. 

Sometimes in obstetrics, we may need consent to treatment in an emergency situation, with only a little time to talk about all of the issues with you.

Privacy statement

You have the right to have your privacy respected, especially when the nature of your clinical condition is being discussed with you or your relatives by hospital staff.

Interpreter service

A private company provides interpretation services in the Rotunda. If you want an interpreter because you cannot speak or understand English well, please tell staff when you make an appointment, so that we can organise to have an interpreter available.

Cultural diversity

Diversity is a core value of the Rotunda Hospital and we aim to make sure that  we respect and meet the health needs of people from different cultures in the right way. 

Our staff have had diversity awareness training so that they know how to give a good service that suits your particular needs because of your culture, religion, or beliefs. 

When you come to the Rotunda for your first visit, we will record your ethnicity and you can tell us about any support needs or requests, which will help us plan your care.

Patient Charter

The National Healthcare Charter You and Your Health Service is a statement of commitment by the HSE describing:

  •  what you can expect when using health services in Ireland, and
  •  what you can do to help Irish health services to deliver more effective and safe services.

It is based on eight principles: access, dignity and respect, safe and effective services, communication and information, participation, privacy, improving health and accountability.

To read the charter, please follow this link:


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