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Gynaecology Care

Info for Practitioners

GP letters/follow-up

  • All patients who attend the SATU are asked for permission to send a summary of their attendance to their nominated GP. This summary will be done immediately, and either given to the patient to bring to the GP or sent by post, according to patient's preference.
  • All patients are offered emergency contraception, Chlamydia prophylaxis and Hepatitis B prophylaxis as appropriate.
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV may also be offered as appropriate, a 5-day starter pack of drugs will be given in the SATU, with further follow-up being in the Infectious Disease clinic of the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.
  • The first follow-up appointment will be at one month, at which time an infectious disease screen will be performed and the second Hepatitis B vaccine will be given.
  • The second follow-up appointment will be at 3 months, and infectious disease serology will be repeated.
  • The final scheduled appointment will be 6 months after the alleged assault, the final Hepatitis B vaccine will be given at this point.

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