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The Rotunda was the first maternity hospital in dublin to get the national baby friendly hospital award

Acceleration of Labour

If your labour is slow, the doctor or midwife may recommend speeding up or accelerating your labour. Your labour can be speeded up by breaking your waters artificially (ARM) or by starting you on a drip with a hormone called syntocinon, once your waters are broken. This hormone will encourage contractions and the dose of syntocinon can be altered according to the length, strength and frequency of your pains. Once the drip is started, it usually continues until the birth of your baby.

If the syntocinon drip is used to speed up your labour, the frequency and length of your contractions and the baby’s heartbeat are monitored continuously. A known side effect of this drip is that the contractions can become too frequent or too long. This may affect your baby’s heart rate. If this happens, you will be asked to lie on your left side, the rate of the drip will be reduced or turned off and a senior member of staff will review you. The contractions return to normal very quickly once the drip is stopped. You can move about (unless you have an epidural) and use upright positions even if continuous monitoring is required.

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