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The Rotunda was the first maternity hospital in dublin to get the national baby friendly hospital award

Mental Health Support

Most women feel that pregnancy and new motherhood is a happy time; another group of women find that they cannot feel happy at all. About one in five women have some level of depression in pregnancy – they worry, lose confidence, don’t sleep well and become exhausted.

The Rotunda Hospital offers a supportive counselling service. The mental health support midwives offer support and information to any woman who needs it during pregnancy and following birth. Talking helps women to develop a sense of perspective about the situation and allows them to consider what steps they can take to regain a sense of control.

The support midwives work very closely with the consultant psychiatrist, Dr John Sheehan. If you would like to meet the support midwife, tell your doctor or midwife or telephone 01 – 873 0632 for an appointment.

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