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The Rotunda was the first maternity hospital in dublin to get the national baby friendly hospital award

Semi-Private Care

Semi-private care is now fully consultant led for outpatient appointments.

Outside of Rotunda Clinics building

Antenatal care is provided in the Rotunda Private Clinics, which is located on the main Rotunda campus. At each visit you will be seen by a doctor and a midwife. Care is usually shared with your GP. Care during labour and birth is provided by the delivery suite midwives with medical assistance from the on call team as required. After the birth you will be offered accommodation on the Lillie Suite if it is available where the semi-private rooms have three to four beds per room with ensuite bathroom facilities.

Semi Private ward

For further information on the semi-private care maternity packages available and costs, please follow this link to the Rotunda Private Clinics website or contact the semi-private clinic directly by phoning 01 – 874 0992.

The accommodation cost per night for a shared room is €813.

Most insurance companies will cover:

  •  3 nights for a normal delivery from the time of admission to hospital, inclusive of time in the Delivery Suite
  •  5 nights for a caesarean section from the time of admission to hospital inclusive of any time spent in the Delivery Suite
Should your baby require admission to the neonatal unit, it will be assumed that you wish your baby to be treated and accommodated on a private basis unless you tell the staff otherwise. Remember to add your new baby to your policy after birth.

You should contact your insurance company before deciding on the care option if you have any concerns about the level of cover they provide. The Rotunda operates a direct payment scheme with the following companies:


  •  Vhi Healthcare
  •  Laya Healthcare
  •  Aviva Health
  •  GloHealth
  •  Garda Medical Aid
  •  ESB Medical Provident Society
  •  Prison Officers Medical Aid Society
Otherwise, payment of all bills is due in full, on discharge from hospital. If you have any queries, please contact:
Patient accounts department by phoning 01 – 817 1763 or 817 1764

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