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Details on new one stop outpatient service

Details on Rotunda Hospital's New One Stop Outpatient Gynaecology Facility at Connolly Hospital

In April 2016, the Rotunda Hospital opened a new one stop outpatient gynaecology service at Connolly Hospital.

The clinic is operated by Rotunda Consultants and staff and will operate four clinics per week. Appointments are made on a referral basis through the Rotunda Hospital only.

The new facility, which treats benign gynaecology problems on an ambulatory or outpatient basis, will seek to relieve the Rotunda Hospital of up to 500 appointments from its waiting list this year.

The Outpatient Hysteroscopy Clinic as it is known, facilitates the diagnosis of disease, and provides treatment to women with benign gynaecological problems such as the removal of polyps and fibroids and abnormal bleeding. Such interventions traditionally required a day admission to hospital and were conducted under general anaesthesia.

This new service is essentially a ‘one-stop shop’ for patients with common gynaecological problems. We can provide examination, assessment and treatment all at the one facility in one visit, without the need for the patient to have multiple visits to the Hospital. These day procedures are minimally invasive, and offer patients rapid access to investigation, diagnosis and treatment whilst relieving the pressure on Hospital waiting lists.

Referrals must be made in the usual way to the Rotunda Hospital, as all potential patients need to be initially triaged to consider suitability. Unfortunately, women cannot be seen in the clinic held in Connolly Hospital without a scheduled appointment via the Rotunda Hospital.

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