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Maternal Fetal Medicine

Maternal fetal medicine focuses on the management of high risk pregnancies. Specialised care is provided to women who have a pre-existing medical condition, women at risk of delivering prematurely or who encounter other pregnancy related problems. For women whose pregnancy requires closer monitoring, we offer a range of specialist clinics.

Further information on these specialist clinics is available in our antenatal section here.

Fetal medicine focuses on the management of high risk pregnancies and includes the assessment of fetal (unborn baby) growth and the diagnosis of fetal illness and abnormality. Fetal medicine can be broadly divided into two branches: prenatal diagnosis and fetal treatment.

Prenatal diagnosis is the ability to detect abnormal conditions of the fetus. The most common test used for prenatal diagnosis is ultrasound. Some abnormalities may be identified from additional blood screening or invasive diagnostic tests. Fetal treatment includes a series of interventions performed on the fetus with the aim of achieving fetal wellbeing. These interventions include medical (non-invasive) and surgical procedures.

For more information on the services provided by the fetal medicine team or to access the referral forms is in our antenatal section here. 

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